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Jim Huse: Director of Huse Hill Associates

Huse Hill Associates is a New Zealand owned company that provides highly effective consulting and training in a range of areas related to enhancing business performance.

The director, Jim Huse works with individuals and small to large organisations to achieve business success by better connecting people's efforts to the organisation's key outcomes through a pioneering convergence of psychology, technology and business objectives.

We assisted many companies such as Toyota, Microsoft, Vodafone, DHL, Roche, Sanitarium, Wilson Hellaby and Harvey Norman to significantly improve their financial results.

Our training programmes integrate personal skills and self-knowledge with business systems, processes and technology to achieve success.

Prior to founding Huse Hill Associates, Jim Huse had extensive real world experience as a sales executive, in team leadership and national management.

...This programme was no ordinary time management course, but something more and usable, and thought provoking...

- Glenne Harris,
Health and Safety Advisor at Auckland Council

...Very constructive allowing me to...plan, assign and assess personal and team tasks and accountabilities directly...

- Douglas Creevey,
Manager Facilities Management at Vodafone NZ

...my latest investment was before the Christmas holidays, I gave all my managers a copy of the book...

- Brian Broom,
Managing Director at DHL Global Forwarding

...I can increase my productivity dramatically. No longer do I get bogged down in details that don't relate to my specific role...

- Jan Ferguson,
Director - Customer and Partner Experience at Microsoft NZ

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Revolutionise the way you work - using tools that are already on your desk is aimed at users of Microsoft Outlook which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

The book is available in print for the following Microsoft Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Please choose the correct version of the book you require.

Revolutionise the way you work

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Revolutionise the way you work

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Revolutionise the way you work

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Revolutionise the way you work

Microsoft Outlook 2013

This book is half-canadian bound which means it looks like a normal book however it has the ability to lie flat when it is opened as a reference book with the inside pages being wire bound.

Revolutionise the way


Huse Hill Associates delivers the following 6 key training programs to enhance your business capability and financial results.

Click the link below to see the program details. For more information please contact us.

Revolutionise the way you work

Personal Effectiveness : Enabling people to understand how their actions impact on the organisation's key outcomes and moving their working style away from tactical/reactive chasing KPIs and onto proactive/strategic focussing on Key Organisational Outcomes.

Revolutionise your natural working style

Natural Working Style explains a person's innate drives, motivations and uncovers what they need, to be at their best across all areas of their working and personal life. When you understand what instinctively drives you, you will minimize your stress and frustration by making the most of your natural talents.

Revolutionise the way you sell & influence

Whether you are a manager or a person who sells a product or service, you have to get the other party's buy-in. What you say and do affects the thinking and decision making process of the customer. By understanding the psychology behind the customer's thinking you will transition them more effectively through their buying process.

Revolutionise your emotional intelligence (EQ)

When you enhance people's Executive EQ, they will better understand themselves and develop their ability to work with others within an organisation and market place. Managers manage people while leaders motivate and inspire people through the use of their executive EQ.

Revolutionise the way teams work

Whether you are working in a technical role, management environment or sales, there are times when you will need to work with or within a team. This program is designed to enable you to interact more effectively within the teaming environment by synergising a group of individual's efforts.

Revolutionise the way you use MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information management system which when used properly will effectively manage your time, your communications, tasks and opportunities. While business people have access to 100% of Microsoft Outlook software they generally only understand and use 10/15% of the capability. The program will train people how to use the all the capability of the software.


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