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  • Revolutionise The Way You Sell And Influence Others


    Everyone is in Sales.

    If you’re not in Sales, you’re not in Business

    The earlier we start, the more successful we become. A 2-year-old toddler on a hot summer’s day

    who wants an ice cream to cool down, learns to influence their parent to get what they want.

    Whether you’re a manager, a medical specialist, a mechanic or a Member of Parliament,

    to be successful, you need to be able to influence people.


    In this book

     Jim shows you how to:

    • Prepare yourself to sell and influence
    • Understand the importance of Non-verbal communication
    • Become effective in Selling and Influencing, step-by-step
    • Turn your Customers into Advocates who will bring Prospects to your door
    • How to evaluate your ongoing Sales performance

    This book will enable you to live the rich and fulfilling lifestyle that you have been dreaming about.