The Modules

Week 1: This is where you’ll get a brief introduction to the programme, and
discover your natural learning style. You’ll learn about the Buyer’s psychological journey to purchasing a product or service, and how to meet and greet a Buyer for the first time.

Week 2: Learn how to build and maintain rapport with a Buyer so they can respect and trust you. This enables you to identify what they value, which will inform what you need to do to close the sale proficiently.

Week 3: Learn how to build a bridge between social rapport building with a
Buyer and into commercial fact-finding to find out where you can provide value to them, without making them feel intimidated.

Week 4: Learn how to guide the Buyer through the fact-finding process by asking them a range of of questions designed to determine their emotional and logical requirements for the product or service you are selling.

Week 5: Learn how to demonstrate you have actively listened and understood the Buyer’s needs during the fact-finding process and obtain the Buyer’s agreement and commitment to proceed.

Week 6: Learn how to justify the purchase. Once you have gained the Buyer’s agreement and commitment to buy, you need to help them justify the purchase. This solidifies your relationship with the Buyer.

Week 7: Learn how to manage and overcome any doubts or objections the Buyer may have from previous stages. To close the sale, you need to know how to manage Buyer objections by interpreting buying signals.

Week 8: Step away from the traditional method of presenting a product or
service and learn how to use an approach that will resonate and align with the Buyer’s values.

Week 9: Learn how to close the sale with different closing techniques. Being able to interpret your Buyer’s signals, and successfully manage any objections they may have is essential to a successful sale or agreement.

Week 10: Learn about post-purchase sentiments. Post-purchase sentiments begin when the Buyer mentally buys into and agrees to proceed with the purchase. This is essential to understand because your most powerful marketing is done by word of mouth.

Week 11: Be your own successful sales coach. Learn how to analyze your own sales performance, so you can own your professional success, and be proactive when discussing your results with the people who need to know.

Week 12: How do you measure a successful business relationship? By the number of customers you have who will refer others to your product or services, and who advocate for you. Learn how to convert a transactional relationship into something much stronger, and turn your Buyers into your sales force.

Revolutionise The Way You Sell and Influence People (Modlette)

‘Revolutionise the Way You Sell and Influence People’ is based on the book and workshops created by Jim Huse.

This is a 12-week programme, using animated videos and accompanying quizzes. Start your week with a video that will introduce you to new skills to test out on family and friends before you deploy them professionally.

Most sessions will take approximately 30 minutes, while the first and last weeks may take up to 45 minutes to complete.