The Modules

  1. The Main Learning Styles. Before you proceed with this online learning course, it is important for you to understand how you learn best by studying the main learning styles to understand which ones you prefer.

  2. Personality, Behaviour and Actions. Throughout the programme, we use an onion skin model that represents the different layers that we each have. The first layer of a person that we have and we see when we first meet them is their personality, behaviour and actions.

  3. After the personality, behaviour and actions, the next thing you notice about a person is their attitude. Your attitude can influence your outlook on what happens to you in your life.

  4. Self-esteem and self-confidence. Using a poem by Dorothy Nolte, we look at how your childhood can impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  5. Passions, interests and acquired skills. It may be easy to assume that your passions, interests and acquired skills all relate to your career path. However, some of them might relate to your leisure activities.

  6. Education and training. It doesn’t matter where you go after high school, whether you go to university for a tertiary qualification, or into an apprenticeship for more hands-on work experience. You may do a combination of education and training to get to where you want to be, in terms of income of lifestyle.

  7. Life experiences. Many people assume that most of their stress in life will come from work. However, it’s far more likely to come from family or health-related events. This module will discuss the different types of stressful life events, what happens during the grieving process, and what you can do to increase your resistance to stress.

  8. Beliefs and values. If you go through a stressful life experience, you may use your beliefs to help you get through it. However, beliefs and values encompass far more than religion. We will look at how your lifestyle can reflect your beliefs and values.

  9. Intelligence Quotient. This module will discuss the different Intelligence Quotients and how your IQ is formed during the early years of your life.

  10. Instinctive Drives. You will learn about the four Instinctive Drives: Verify, Authenticate, Complete and Improvise. These drives are behind everything you think, say and do, so understanding these drives is crucial to self-awareness and improving your employment and relationships.

Revolutionise Your Understanding of Your Natural Working Style

If you understand your Natural Working Style, you are better equipped to understand what you need from yourself and the people around you, in business and in your personal life.

‘Revolutionise Your Understanding of your Natural Working Style’ is an online learning programme comprising of 10 learning modules. You can complete this course after receiving your profile results from Instinctive Drives™.

This course can be completed in less than two hours, or you can break it up into bite-sized sessions that fit into your day. Through animated videos we explore the different factors that make up who you are.

This course is designed to give you some self-awareness about the behaviours you bring into your employment and relationships.