6 steps of mindmapping

The greatest self limiting factor is our ability visualise something.

Mind mapping gives you the intellectual freedom by demonstrating that you can control the nature and development of your thinking processes, and therefore your ability to think creatively is theoretically infinite.

Mind-mapping is a visual thinking tool, which you can use for your productivity in a highly effective way. This can be applied to use of cognitive functions: memory, learning, creativity and analysis. Using your keywords that trigger associations in the brain to spark further ideas.

Here are 6 steps of how to create mind mapping:

1. Write a subject / topic / theme / main idea / title in the centre of a piece of paper. Draw a coloured image with the word if you want.

2. Draw a thick branch from the subject word / phrase and write a key concept word / phrase on the branch line. Start from 1 o’clock position.

3. Draw a thinner branch from the main branch and write a secondary key word / phrase on the branch line.

4. Keep adding secondary, tertiary ideas which are relative, and connected to the former branches.

5. With the second key concept word (DREAM), draw another thick branch from the centre word and repeat 2 – 4. More important ideas will be nearer the title and less important ideas will be further from the title.

6. Keep expanding key concepts and ideas until you have a full picture. Draw arrows when you want to connect relative words across the branches.

Enjoy mindmapping 🙂

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