How to interview the employee the right person everytime

How to be more successful at interviewing employees is simple, you start by identifying the desired outcome. Which is being able to identify the best candidate out of all the applicants.

The problem is some candidates are well skilled in their interview techniques whereas others are not which means the best actors on the day tends to be your first choice and conversely the worse actor is your last choice.

The best candidate for the job may not be the best actor in the interview process and besides it is not how well they conduct themselves in the interview, more importantly it is how well they would do the job.

I suggest the two key areas to look at are packaging; as in how well does the person present themselves and content; what knowledge, skills and competency does the person have.

Against what knowledge, skills and competency does the job require.

To identify the best person for the job you need to write up a list of what technical/industry knowledge the person needs to be able to understand the job, what skills and what level of competency is required in terms of the complexity of the job; as in basic competency for a junior role through to advanced for a senior role.

Alongside each item on the list you can put a scoring system of 1 to 10.

Now this list creates the interview format.

While the above identifies the technical requirements for the role, you will need to look at what personality is required, plus more importantly identify their natural working style and how well that aligns with the role. The key part of personality is the fit of the person and role in terms of introvert versus extrovert.

The most important fit is centred around the natural working style of the person and role.

The Natural working style is set across the following four areas of;

Information; works at a high, medium or low level of information required for the role versus the person’s natural preference

Authenticate; works hands on or hands off as in more conceptual required for the role versus the person’s natural preference

Complete; very process orientated/structured or very adaptable required for the role verses the person’s natural preference

Improvise; very creative with new ideas loves change or much focussed of keeping everything the same

Now that you have identified all the attributes for the role you can carry out an interview and start rating/scoring the person one attribute at a time. You then add up their points and divide the total by the number of attributes which gives you a score out of 10. To have a successful employment outcome you will need to choose the highest scorer and the score results needs to be above 5 out of 10 otherwise the person is going to struggle in the role.

I once had to interview 108 people in a large project and only people above 6 were employed however one was a good actress and where our hearts said yes the reality turned out to be a very poor employment decision.

The last and most important part of the interview process is for you to be relaxed so that the person you are interviewing is also relaxed and able to perform at their best.

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