Intern impressions: Atik

At Huse Hill Associates, we often take in interns and provide them with work experience and introduce them to the corporate environment. We currently have 3 interns working with us. Atik has been studying towards a degree in Applied Management. I came to New Zealand to pursue a career in business management with an entrepreneurial approach. I studied commerce back in India, however my true interest was to understand business and economics to start my own business. I studied Applied management with subjects relating to entrepreneurship. After my studies, I pursued an internship in my preferred industry. Working at Huse Hill Associates was an absolute learning experience for me. From the very start, I engrossed myself as an employee of the company. I studied the history, current situation and futuristic prospects of a business consultancy firm. I learned a number of things in my internship such as business communication, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, task management, Microsoft tools and professionalism. I contributed in global marketing through online social platforms. With freedom of access to all of the company’s social pages and the flexible environment of the office, I was able to communicate with clients across a variety of professions. Under the guidance of the managing director of the company, Jim Huse, I learned important concepts and skills to overcome my limitations in the field of business. This was my first workplace and it was a great journey with friendly employees and lots of support. We are like a family here in the quest of achieving company goals. I can’t forget the outcomes from my internship here. I started as a nervous explorer of opportunities, and now I’m privileged to have been working here, being part of this excellent consultancy. It was an honour working here in same office as the team at Huse Hill Associates. They introduced me to the practicalities of working in a corporate world. I finished my internship of 200 hours with the satisfaction of knowing I worked at the right place to learn the skills I needed to further my career. I’d like to thank Huse Hill Associates for giving me the opportunity to test myself practically and learn from real life experience. My deep gratitude to Jim and the team at HHA for their constant support and guidance.

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