Intern impressions: Kevin

At Huse Hill Associates, we often take in interns, provide them with work experience and introduce them to the corporate world. We currently have 3 interns working with us. Kevin studied towards a graduate diploma in Applied Management. I am a graduate in commerce back home in India so I know about business accounting. I have also done an animation course which gave me knowledge of graphics and video software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illusion, Coral-Draw, Adobe Premiere Pro. With these, I got job in video-editing which I did for 1.5 years as well as pursuing my college education. I then decided to further my studies abroad. As my brother had lived in New Zealand, I chose to come here to study a Gradate Diploma in Applied Management so that I can get more knowledge of management. As a part of my study, I had to do an internship with any company to get practical workplace experience. I applied at a company called Huse Hill Associates and I was interviewed and selected for an internship. As an intern, I felt comfortable from the very first day of my internship. I started loving the environment of working here. Jim, the managing director of the company, gave me work that suited my Natural Working Style, which I found out about at the time of my interview. He always gave me work that I never got tired of doing. The whole Huse Hill Associates team was very friendly and welcoming. I would personally like to work in the company as it is just awesome to work here. Here, I was able to do video editing and I always got the good feedback. They always appreciated my time and effort working here. I had an amazing experience working at Huse Hill Associates.

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