Understand how you use your brain makes a big difference in your everyday life

Have a look at your hand and how your thumb enables your hand to do clever things.

Now take a minute to think about your intellectual capacity, your IQ is just like your thumb it enables you to do all those clever things you do naturally.

So where did your IQ come from?

Was it from your mother’s or father’s genes or both? How come your siblings IQ is different from yours even though you have the same parents.

Let me share with you what I understand how we arrive in adulthood with our different IQs.

It all starts when your dad,s sperm meets your mother’s egg and the new genes partnership starts creating you in the womb. Ultimately you have to get from the watery world of the womb to the air breathing world. The biggest part of your anatomy is your head. Your brain has to have enough developed capability to ensure you will survive when you have left your mother’s womb. So at the time of your birth your brain has developed enough to ensure you can manage the basics of survival such as breathing.

At birth the left and right hemispheres of your brain are just two gelatinous sacks of cells with no neuron pathway circuits. Your skull now starts increasing in size over six months to create the space the brain needs to grow in mass as it builds interconnecting neuron pathway circuits.

At six months of age your brain had one and a half times more neuron pathway connections and capability than what you have now. From the sixth month through to your third year all the repeated experiences you had in your early life strengthens your brains neuron pathways connections which is what created your intellectual capacity.

The most critical time in the development of your intellectual capability was your first three years because somewhere between your third and tenth birthday your brain removed all the neuron pathways that were not being used in repeated experiences.

Now that you understand the reality of what you are left with what can you do to enhance your existing mental capability? The first is physical exercise to increase cardio vascular capability which will deliver more oxygen to the brain which enhances our capability to think.

Our brain is made up of essential fatty acids so one of the best brain foods is fish. The second thing to enable our mental capability is take supplements in the form of;

Omega fish oil to supplement what eating fish does not supply.

Vitamins B supplement that makes a big difference to my mental capability especially in the afternoon, as it prevents that brain fade.

How you use your brain makes a big difference in how well it works for you. So do not punish it by trying to make it remember everything that you have to do or achieve in a day. Get an exercise book and write down everything that is important when you are taking a phone call or attending a meeting. Drawn a 30mm wide column on the right hand side of the page and drop into it all the things that require an outcome or action. When you are back at your desk, transfer them into your MS Outlook as a Task or Appointment. By working this way your brain is available for thinking and your computer manages all the remembering and follow ups.

There is one other thing I do that takes my mental performance to another level. At the end of the day I review all my Tasks and sent emails which tells my brain that I am winning. Then I review tomorrow’s Task list/To Do’s and appointments that I have organized. Then I go home. By giving your brain an insight into what is required tomorrow it will work on them while you are asleep which will set you up for better outcomes the next day.

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