Work Wellness and the Circadian Rhythm

What is Wellness in Employment?

There are a number of factors that affect our work strengths and it is crucial to look for more effective and important elements of wellness employment. We also need to examine what it takes to help in making a healthy workforce for an organisation. When or how can we work better with our natural strengths? It could be many things but if we look at the relationship of all factors, it seems that they are organised in a channel that reflects the link from the top to least important factor.

Brain Chemistry

The human brain is a very complex organ that has many different parts that all have a different role to play in the body. It is not easy to understand how the brain functions and how it relates to the whole body. It has glands that release hormones for particular functions in the body. Serotonin and Melatonin in particular haveboth have been found in the brain in relation to such functions as sleep and excitement. These two chemicals are found as most responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. We think we need to sleep for some mind and body relaxation from the day’s tiredness, but actually we sleep to prepare the body for the next day to work effectively, and that is why we need restorative sleep at night.

Some people say that everyone needs approximately 8 hours of sleep each day. While this could be true in some cases, it depends on the quality of sleep as well. Moreover, different people have different requirements for sleep according to their daily workload and habits. Ultimately, we can say that sleep timing is regulated by one’s body regulation which we call the circadian rhythm. If you’ve ever noticed that you tend to feel energized and drowsy around the same times every day, you have your circadian rhythm to thank. What is it, exactly? Your circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. For the regulation of the cycle or rhythm, it is important to release the responsible hormones on time.

Melatonin and Serotonin are the key factors for regulating this cycle as it is crucial to release both of them at the required times to maintain the whole cycle in rhythm. Both have their particular effects on the body and they are responsible for almost different and opposite bodily functions. For example, high levels of Melatonin affect the body to get sleep and high Serotonin levels give freshness and excitement to the body.

SEROTONIN is found in the brain, bowel and blood platelets and works as a neuro-transmitter, responsible for happiness and wellbeing. So how does it affect the human body while sleeping or waking up. Normally serotonin levels go up dramatically from waking up to the evening. This means it helps in waking up with freshness and energy and high levels of serotonin give comfort, excitement, and wellbeing. Similarly, it goes down while feeling tired or uneasiness and by midnight it falls right down to its lowest level and then starts increasing again from the beginning of the day.

MELATONIN is produced in the pineal gland which is small and situated in brain. This gland secretes the melatonin according to the circadian rhythm of individual human body. This hormone is crucial for the Sleep/Wake Cycle. In the evening, it starts releasing melatonin and it reaches its highest level around midnight and then gradually starts dropping down to its lowest level while waking up. So, it can be said that melatonin is the most responsible hormone for the whole cycle and it maintains the sleeping duration according to an individual’s requirements. When we wake up before our usual time, we feel uneasy and dizzy because of melatonin in our bodies. As time progresses, we get more comfortable as our melatonin levels go down.

All in all, according to individual’s Circadian rhythm everyone needs sound or restorative sleep so that we can be fresh to start the next day. Having enough mind and body rest is a positive sign for personal working strength. We can wake up early, work hard, sleep late, but all these factors reduce our normal working capacity.

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