Revolutionise the way you sell & influence

What happens when you walk into a retail store? Do the sales people pounce on you immediately, or leave you to browse? When they do engage in conversation with you, what is their approach? Do they become a “talking brochure” explaining a product’s features and benefits, or do they take the time to listen to what you need? Sales training has traditionally focused on the premise of “selling by telling” — the more you talk, the more you sell – leaving the customer very little time to get a word in edgewise. It can be frustrating trying to cut into the sales spiel – especially if the product doesn’t suit your needs. What if we turned that sales process on its head, and trained the sales person to actively listen to your needs and find a solution? Wouldn’t that improve your buying experience? It may also uncover options you hadn’t previously thought of as you work through your “must have” list. This type of interaction can create a greater mutual trust, which may develop more loyal customers who regularly return for other products or advice. There’s a reason we all were give two ears and one mouth. At Huse Hill, we teach people how to stop “selling” and start counselling their customers and clients – which revolutionises the way they sell and influence people.

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