Purpose of the program

Natural Working Style explain a person’s innate drives, motivations and uncovers what they need, to be at their best across all areas of their working and personal life. When you understand what instinctively drives you, you will minimize your stress and frustration plus make the most of your natural talents.

This program will enable attendees to;

  • Create understanding of what a person’s natural working style and motivation is
  • Understand how to reduce stress and enhance a person’s job satisfaction
  • Learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively with people
  • Understand why people have different ways of completing a task
  • Learn how to manage conflict more constructively

The program is best delivered in a coaching/mentoring environment of 90 mintues duration.

Module 01: Getting to know your team members

Module 02: Identifying people’s Main Learning Styles

Module 03: Understanding the three parts of the human mind

Module 04: Understanding my Natural Working Style

Module 05: Understanding other people’s Natural Working Style

Module 06: Learning how to communicate with different Natural Working Styles

Module 07: Observing Natural Working Styles in action