So they better understand themselves and develop their ability to work with others within the organisation and market place.

Executive EQ

Generally a person’s emotional intelligence is a result of their upbringing and life experiences. While we cannot change that, we can change our understanding of them and how it reflects in the way we interact with people. To develop a person’s executive EQ so that they better understand themselves and enhance their ability to work with others more productively, does require a coaching and mentoring type training.

This program will enable attendees to;

  • Interact more effectively when dealing with peers
  • Be more ask assertive when making decisions
  • Take control of their emotions and be able to better manage other people’s emotional reactions
  • Listen and communicate more effectively
  • Be able to better manage their internal dialogue, remain focussed and less reactive
  • Understand what stress is and better manage the negative side effects
  • Understand and better manage compulsive behaviour such as being busy instead of being effective
The program is best delivered in a coaching/mentoring environment of two hours duration, one day a week spread over 6 to 8 weeks.

Module 01: Understanding Cognitive capability

  • Understand where our Cognitive capability comes from
  • Identify the various forms of cognitive capability

Module 02: Understand Scripting

  • Identify what our parents have taught us
  • Learn how to better manage our scripting

Module 03: Achieving through my natural preferences

  • Identify the four instinct based action modes inherent in each person
  • Define ways to become more effective as a knowledge worker

Module 04: Managing our personality

  • Identify the link between hormones and personality based behaviour
  • Learn how to better manage behaviours
Module 05: Understand Expectations
  • Identify internal and external expectations
  • Learn how to better manage the relationship between personal and organisational expectations
Module 06: Management Concepts
  • Understand the key management concepts
  • Learn how to better manage them
Module 07: Assertive Behaviour
  • Understand the difference of “ask” & “tell” behaviour
  • Learn how to use open ended questions effectively