revolutionise your emotional intelligence (eq)

Do you want to improve your Emotional Quotient (EQ)?
Understanding your own Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a powerful tool. Being able to identify and recognise other people’s emotions, and feel empathy towards them can help build healthy, productive relationships. This, in turn, helps you build your own physical and psychological wellbeing.
This programme will help you to understand your emotional drivers and those of the people around you. This will enable you to have more effective relationships based on your authentic self.
The insights in this programme have been gleaned from a lifetime of working with people and organisations across the business spectrum.

Set yourself up for Success in Life

Some people buy ‘things’ – clothes, cars, jewellery, or toys – to build their sense of self-worth. Others take part in extreme adventures – jumping off cliffs or out of planes – just to feel alive. But these only provide short-term boosts to your self-worth and self-image. How can you discover the elements that will enable you to create a long-term, healthy view of your self-worth?

Generally, a person’s emotional intelligence is a result of their upbringing and life experiences. While we cannot change that, we can change our understanding of them and how it reflects in the way we interact with people. By developing your executive EQ, you will have a better understanding of yourself. This selves will enhance your ability to work with others more productively.


This programme will enable you to get a better understanding of yourself and help you take better control of your emotions

  • Interact more effectively with people
  • Be more assertive when making decisions
  • Take control of your emotions to other people’s emotional reactions
  • Listen and communicate more effectively
  • Understand what stress is and manage its negative side-effects
  • Enable you to take ownership of the outcomes of your interactions with others