revolutionise the way you work

Enabling people to understand how their actions impact on the organisation’s key outcomes and moving their working style away from tactical/reactive chasing KPIs and onto proactive/strategic focussing on Key Organisational Outcomes.

outlook to effectiveness

While organisations may have a documented vision for their future and a strategic plan as a road map of where they intend to go, it is people’s implementation of the plan that tends to be the weakest link in the process. To enhance a manager’s strategic business capability requires them to be trained in how to think and act strategically. This program is for people responsible for client interaction and management, recording information
as well as defining, planning, or managing the implementation of projects.


  • Understand what the Organisation’s Vision means to them, their department and their customers
  • Be able to coach and mentor their people more effectively
  • Work more collaboratively across different teams within the business functionalities
  • Communicate more effectively between departments and organisations
  • Understand their roles and the activities that are linked to the organisation’s Business Plan
  • Be able to cut through the noise and handle the normal chaos more effectively
  • Plan their day to be more organised and effective
  • Move away from being reactive/tactical and become more strategic/proactive
  • Be able to better manage change

module description

The program delivery is a mixture of workshops and one-on-one personal coaching.

Module 01: Working with your personal strengths

  • Understand reactive thinking
  • Understand the circle of influence

Module 02: Understand how our minds work

  • Identify the two parts of the working mind
  • Learn how to better manage them

Module 03: Business Insights

  • Identify the two paradigms of management theory and the three types of employment
  • Learn how to better manage them

Module 04: personal effectiveness

  • Understand the PQMI business model
  • Learn how to be more effective

Module 05: Balanced Score Card

  • Identify the key elements that drives your success
  • Create and implement a strategic plan for your role