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Every physical action has a mental component. As well as “we are what we eat”, we are what we think.

Our mental diet is what we do for a job and has a big impact on our wellbeing and health. This comes from job satisfaction. High job satisfaction equates to good positive stress and the associated healthy hormones that our body releases. And conversely low job satisfaction equates to a high level of negative stress and the associated elevated unhealthy hormones.

Job satisfaction does not come from the industry you work in. It comes from the associated tasks you carry out during the day and how well that aligns with your natural working style. In my book “Revolutionise the way you work” I have written a chapter on how to enhance your job satisfaction. I talk about your natural working style, which is the conative part of your mental makeup. This is not your cognitive ability as that is your intellectual capability and was established by the first three years of life through mental stimulation. Your natural working style/conative make up has the four quadrants of; how you work with information, physicality, process and improvisation. Across these four quadrants you will have a natural ability to engage at either a high, medium or resistant level.

Some of us require lots of information to be able to carry out a task where as some can take it or leave it and others just need to know the basic info to get on with doing the job. In the next quadrant some of us want hands on and some of us are hands off and enjoy the more conceptual aspects of work. Then there are the very process orientated people, who need to know the end game outcome and they approach work in a very structured way and conversely some of us are very adaptable and resist structure. Then there are the improvisers who want to wing it and fly by the seat of their pants and at the other end of the behaviour are the people who want to make it safe.

Depression is a lot more talked about these days. It is a chemical imbalance within the brain neuron pathways. Yes, there are antidepressants which will help manage the symptoms but from my own experience do not fix the problem. When I created my natural working style instinctive drive profile I got to discover the mismatch between what my job was and what my natural working style natural talents were. Once I changed my job and worked with my natural working style, my depression melted away. What was more interesting the new job required longer working hours and a lot more pressure. However, this was aligned with my natural working style and therefore was positive stress.

So what is your natural working style/conative behaviour and how well does it align with your employment/job satisfaction?

Hop onto and get your instinctive drive (ID) profile.

To take this new understanding about yourself to a higher level of job satisfaction then read the “Personal Effectiveness” chapter in my “Revolutionise the way you work” book which is now available in eBook on Amazon.

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