How I got into Sales (and how you can increase your sales results)

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Teaching my experience in selling products and services for small-to-medium businesses right up to corporates, has helped professional salespeople to double their results.

Even those who have never sold before, have gone on to become high achievers in a very short time.

This is my journey…

Do you remember back in school that kid who was always being called in to the principal’s office? You might have wondered how they turned out later in life? That was me.

As someone born with dyslexia, traditional schooling did not work for me as a child. So, like many dyslexics, I found I had to develop my own self-directed, autodidactic learning. That meant that rather than leaving school with all the opportunities that a good education should provide, I had to start all over again from the ground-up, and everything I learnt was self-taught. This included re-learning reading once my daughters came along.

After several years in the electrical industry, I became interested in a Sales career. So, over the years, I made a point of taking any sales position that offered training as part of the deal.

Since then, I took every internationally recognised course you can name. If not the course, then I have a well-thumbed copy of the book on my shelves.

When I joined Yellow Pages, I went on their sales-training course. They locked us all up in a hotel for six weeks to learn professional selling. Jane Johns, the international sales tutor, would always keep referring to the sales technique of transitioning the customer towards buying. However, I kept asking her “transition from what to what?” In the end, she told me to just shut up and learn the sales process. My curiosity started my journey of discovering and understanding the Buyer’s behaviour and the steps a customer goes through when purchasing a product or service

After becoming a competent reader, one day at the library, my wife said, “Why don’t you try reading something meaningful?” So, I reached over and grabbed the nearest book on the shelf. This was a little black leatherette book with gold writing on the cover. This turned out to be Battle for the Mind by William Sargant, which was about pure psychology. This sparked an interest, and after reading more about Psychology, I learnt one of the most important lessons about sales:

“While the salesperson has their process for selling, the Buyer also has their process for buying.”

I applied this new knowledge to my corporate sales role. As a sales representative, I made 180% of the sales target. Then, when I became a sales manager, my team outperformed all others by 47%. That’s when I knew I had something. After this, I started my career in training Salespeople and Teams to meet and exceed their targets.

The journey has taken me from a paid employee into a role of mentoring individuals, sales teams and whole organisations about the relationship between Sales and Human behaviour.

I say all this not to put myself above others, but to show you what I have learnt over 30 years of sales and sales training. I’ve now taken the opportunity to put what I’ve learnt into a book for you to read, understand and grow your career.

If you’re ready to start your own journey into Sales, click here for the hardcopy and ebook format of my new book Revolutionise the Way you Sell and Influence People.

Starting today, I want you to realise your full potential and achieve exceptionally high sales results.

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