Healthy body healthy mind

Physical health is so important because our mind resides in our brain and the brain resides in our body. Thus the reason for the saying “healthy body healthy mind”.

In today’s world it is not easy to keep our bodies healthy and the reason being all the conflicting information about the food that we need to feed our body. The conflicting information is generally polarised around two sources. The scientists who are employed by the food manufacturers who scientifically prove that manufactured food is safe to eat. And there are people who believe in the organic approach of natural and work with nature.

It is interesting how scientist whose research is funded by the food manufacturers try and discredit the natural approach by labelling the people as “greenies”.

It wasn’t that many years ago that scientists of the day were saying that there is no connection between smoking and lung cancer.

Let’s look to today’s significant increase in celiac disease. Scientists link it back to an allergy brought on by wheat products. Wheat has been a part of the human diet for centuries and there was not much talk about celiac disease several hundred years ago so what has changed. Well farming has become very mechanised using very large combine harvesting machines to harvest the crops of wheat, corn and potato. These machines cost a lot of money so the farmers and/or contractors do not want them to wear out too quickly. The wheat, corn and potato foliage as in leaves, are abrasive and wear the machinery out as the pass through the machine in the harvesting process only to be discarded. So farmer now spray these crops with a defoliant such as Roundup. There are scientists who say that using Roundup as a defoliant does not put people’s health at risk because the Roundup chemically does not enter the wheat, corn or potatoes that we eat. Have a look in Google about the topic of Roundup as a defoliant for food crop harvest and to see what I mean about scientists saying its ok and organics people saying no way.

So how do we end up with a system that allows food manufacturers to get away with this. The answer is politics. In the mediate centric world we live in today it requires a big investment in advertising. So the politicians get sponsorship from the food manufacturers and when they get into power they protect the food manufacturers investment. The same political protection extends to the pharmaceutical manufacturers who produce the drugs that manage the symptoms of the modern lifestyle diseases. As you can see this is a very cosy little system that cannot be changed.

When our scientists of the day, say it is safe to eat and the organics people who are labelled as radical greenies say it is not, then who can you trust?

You have the answer inside you so listen to your body as it will tell you what is good for you to be well. Comfort foods are designed to make you feel comfortable about life. However there is a price to pay for this feeling of comfort and it is not the “a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips” stuff.

Your body is just like your desk in that if something arrives on it and you know how to process it then it gets dealt to. Conversely when something arrives on your desk that you are not familiar with then put it to one side and leave it sitting there in a pile. Well your body is exactly the same when it comes to food that it can process it gets dealt to and when food arrives that it does not know how to process it gets put to one side. The body stores this unprocessed food around your primary organs of heart, lung, kidneys etc.

This is not good, so how can you change this? When I understood this I stopped eating comfort foods. And to get rid of this stock piled rubbish I started fasting one day a week where I do not eat after an evening meal on a fasting day until the following evening. This means I forgo breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. While it was a shock to the mind and body the first couple of times, within a couple of months it required no effort. In fasting I can put in a day’s gardening on a fasting day without any ill effect. The second part of the secret of fasting is to drink lots and I mean lots of green tea with lemon juice. Yes you will pee a lot and in the early days it has a very strong smell. After three months of weekly fasting the beer belly and spare tyres melted away. Two years later I am a lot healthier for it and have gone a second winter without catching a cold or the flu.

The last three parts of achieving good physical health are;

Regular exercise that is resistance based such as paddling my canoe, lifting weights or digging in the garden which has strengthened my core muscles and made all my back problems go away.

The soils that our food is grown in has long ago had all the minerals stripped out of it, so we need to take supplements to replace them. Dr Robert Cornish book titled “Guide to men’s health” is the best reference book I have read for men and women’s health.

Generally eating foods that are ok for by blood type, which in my case is less carbohydrate and more protein and vegetable which I love and it loves me.

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