Religion needs to Evolve or Die

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In today’s world, society not only goes through changes, but it evolves. As society evolves, people’s attitudes need to evolve as well.

One example is interracial relationships. In the past, races kept to themselves and it wasn’t widespread or even acceptable for people to crossover. Nowadays, it’s not only acceptable, but also common. It was once common for New Zealanders to not be related or even know people outside their race. Now they can point to people within their own family that are Maori, Pacific Islander, European, Asian and so on, as cousins or grandchildren. Society has changed, and people’s attitudes have evolved as well. Even the Royal Family has evolved.

One attitude that is still undergoing change is that regarding homosexuality. Recently the Australian rugby player Israel Folau stirred up a hornet’s nest by commenting on social media that God’s plan for all gay people is to end up in Hell unless they repent of their sins.

Let’s take a step back and look at Sexuality and Religion.

Let’s start with homosexuality at a biological level. All men start off life in a female form, that is the mother’s egg, which is fertilised by the father’s sperm which introduces the Y chromosome.

The male chromosome doesn’t come into effect until approximately seven weeks into the embryonic stage. So, there is little reason for the exclusive superiority of the male gender where as you can see, we all start life as females.

Because these changes are made at a biological level and are never the same or uniform across an entire population, we can see that homosexual sexuality, just like heterosexuality, is not a lifestyle choice but a biological development.

As shown with the One-Child policy in China, it was common practice to abort girl babies because of a perceived social importance of male babies. This lead to a shortage of females. However, Nature and Mankind’s meddling with chemicals has now introduced a new biological phenomenon where the male genitalia is not able to form*. This means that the rest of the brain-wiring sexual preference takes place and as person born with female genitalia and their brain is wired male so they’re attracted to females. So, when a society has a One-Child policy, which alters the natural male to female ratio, the situation is now made more complex because some females through genitalia disruptors are not attracted to males. By promoting a society that marginalised and curtailed girls, the situation has resulted where it ended up putting their future population in a state of risk, and ironically, elevated the importance of women.

Back to Religion,

For a Religion in a modern world to survive, they tend to operate like a business where it is all about market share in the form of parishioners. In the past, homosexuality was seen to interfere with couples breeding and creating more parishioners for their Religion. The same-sex marriage laws have come into being to stop marginalising parts of democratic countries’ population whose biological sexual orientation of natural attraction is same sex. Same-sex marriage was opposed by religious people by claiming that it redefined the concept of family into something abnormal by claiming that children would be put at risk of perversions. Whereas the reality is that many same-sex couples go on to become very dutiful and successful parents raising lovely children.

While most Religions go back several thousand years, if the various faiths want to attract people to their congregation, then their preaching and practices need to evolve with today’s reality.

Religion still has much to offer. Prayer and meditation in these stressful times can be important for one’s mental health and improving a society’s mental health. In order for religions to grow, religious people need to drop the 2,000-year-old hypocrisy and start accepting a wider pool of parishioners.

And for those who sit in judgment over others with biological imperatives that they have been born with, believing their own lives to be “normal”, I pose the challenge/question for people:

With what we know about sexuality on a biological level and genitalia disruptors, how do they know that the relationships that they’re living in are “normal”?

How do they know that the person they fell in love and are living with was always of the opposite sex?

* Potter, Melody Milam (2017). Are Toxic Chemicals Turning Boys Into Girls? The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, May – August 2017 , 14–17.

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