How to Rev Up Your Year for Success and Prosperity

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Learn how to achieve high sales results and how to influence others towards meaningful solutions by reading and committing to the lessons and insights in my book, Revolutionise the Way You Sell and Influence People

I’ve worked in Sales and Sales-training for the last 30 years, and that journey has taken me to from a paid employee to a role of mentoring people, sales teams and whole organisations about the relationship between Sales and Human behaviour. Now I want to share my wisdom with you.

How was last year for you?

If you had a bumper year, you will be riding on a high and won’t want to slow down. Instead, you’ll want to put your foot down on accelerate! If last year didn’t bring you the outcomes you wanted, then you would have already concluded that you need to try something different. If you’re somewhere between the two, you might feel satisfied with what you achieved, but you know that better outcomes are out there.

Now you want to look ahead at what you want to achieve this year.

Last year I did the unthinkable…

I am a dyslexic who struggled at school with reading… and I wrote a book! I wrote about how I trained many people to become very, very successful in Sales and Business. It took me many drafts and setbacks, but I persevered, and did it!

If you want more out of this year, create more opportunities, then you know that something needs to change.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, You’ll always get what you’ve always got.” 

To achieve the outcomes you want this year, you’re going to have to change it up, just like I did last year when I wrote a book. And guess what?

The book I finished last year is going to help you do that.

To get what you want, you need to be able to communicate your requirements to people in a meaningful way, so that they will supply them to you. Get that part right, and your results will soar, and clients will keep coming back to you.

How this book will enable you to live the rich and fulfilling lifestyle that others dream about!

It will show you step-by-step how to Sell and Influence people to achieve the outcomes that others dream about. When you know how to Sell and Influence people, you learn to prepare, meet and then guide people through a well-established, and successful, process to discover an outcome that benefits all parties.

Once you have someone’s buy-in and delivered to their satisfaction, then then you will find yourself in a position to be able to influence. You will become a trusted ear, and someone who is valued who can help, advise and provide the solutions your clients need.

In my book Revolutionise the way you Sell and Influence People, I want to show you how to:

  • Lay the groundwork to Sell and Influence
  • Understand the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Become effective in Selling and Influencing, step-by-step
  • Evaluate your ongoing Sales performance
  • Turn your Customers into Advocates, who will bring Prospects to you

Click here for the hardcopy and ebook format of Revolutionise the Way you Sell and Influence People.

Feel free to share this opportunity with your family and friends, so that we can all prosper together

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