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Cartoon by Guy Body

I once trained Sales to a management team in the logistics industry from the South Island. The regional manager in the team reluctantly sat in on the first workshop, with a ‘Why am I here?’ look on his face.

That weekend after the workshop, he hopped onto a minibus with several other people to a bicycle camping trip.

The manager started talking with a stranger at the back of the bus. During their banter, he quoted some content from my Sales-training workshop. The gentleman in the back pushed him to reveal more.

After the manager shared more of what he remembered, he asked the gentleman “What do you do?”

“I’m a trained hostage negotiator for the Armed Offenders Squad. The training you’ve been going through are some of the fundamentals we learn about how to influence someone towards a peaceful resolution.”

This got the attention of the manager who then realised the relevance of the workshop content. If you’re not in sales and influencing, you’re not in business. At the next workshop, he became very engaged.

He went on to run the top-performing division in his field.

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