Why We are Dropping the Price of our Books for You

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The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer. Tax laws are written for the Rich. When rich people operate within the company tax laws, all of their expenses are written off against their taxes. Whereas when a private individual wants to invest in their own development, the Government takes 30{d734226a53786125751491ce6efe32ea025d4d2798313c69aebe4185048a8b2c} off their disposable income in the form of PAYE. To make matters worse, they have removed any tax deductions around personal development. To create a level playing-field where companies can claim back development expenses and an individual can’t, we now have a two-tiered process system where the corporate pays the true cost of our books and we provide a subsidised purchase price for you, so that both identities are paying a similar price. While I can’t change the tax laws of New Zealand, I can change the way people revolutionise the way they work. Revolutionise The Way You Work Using Microsoft Outlook Corporate use purchase price: NZ$55.00 Personal use purchase price: $55.00 NZ$39.95 Available in both hardcopy and ebook format.
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